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Only a handful of Web design digital agencies in the world have the experience
and the proven track record of Anaxstar. None, however, can match the affordability
and the telephone support customer service we offer.

As our valued client, you will have access to a dedicated, telephone-based, technical support representative to take care of all your design and technical needs.

Website Design Services

Offering Unmatched Experience and Expertise, Since 1996

No Excuses, Just Results

Businesses have time-sensitive objectives. Business owners have no tolerance for incompetence.

Proven Track Record, Since 1996

For more than 20+ years, we have been developing successful Website designs for our clients.

Simplicity, Not Complexity

Internet Users want to browse quickly, and get the information they need instantly.

Creativity and Clarity

Internet Users don't want clutter, they are too impatient to tolerate inefficiency


We develop premium Websites, ecommerce sites, blogs, and mobile compatible designs.

Web Development

Our Website development specialists transform your vision into reality creating user-friendly, responsive, mobile-compatible, engaging Websites.

Effective design starts with presentaton quality that Website visitors can appreciate and find credible
Intelligent Navigation

Visitors want to be able to control their browsing and rely on the consistent data presentation throughout the site.

Sensible Navigation is essential for effective design, without which a Website is lost before it is found
Intelligent Design

Website visitors generally analyze a web-page, searching for fixed points which would guide them through the content of the page.

Visitors Don't generally read the entire Web page, at first they scan and if they like the content, then they read
Smart Features

Effective Web design demands "visible communication" for effective, clear and consistent layout, relationships and navigability.

Organize and Economize - key to presentation of a Website content that visitors are comfortable with
Beauty of Simplicity

Ageless beauty of simplicity beats complexity every time, "Keep It Simple", is a key to effective Website design.

Nature of Website browsing often results in visitors being quite impatient, you have to grab their attention or risk losing them
Intelligent Content

Web is different than print. It’s necessary to adjust the writing style to visitors’ preferences and browsing habits

Content presented intelligently is the best way to grab the attention of a visitor and communicate the benefits of being here

Website Design is more about Visitors, than it is about design aesthetics

Most Website designs make the wrong assumption that effective design is about presentation and display.

In our 20+ years of experience, we believe that an effective Website takes into account how visitors interact with websites, how they think and what are the basic patterns of users’ behavior. In essence, what is important is visitors' preferences and browsing habits incorporated into an intelligent and effective presentation and navigation design.

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Web design services For Attorneys

"... delivered real results and not empty promises "

"Our firm use to spend about $60K/yr on advertising with Yellow Pages and in the last couple of years we got very little from that expense. We turned to Anaxstar to find more effective marketing solution. Your company provided us with a very reasonably priced website design and an online marketing solution that produced very high results, far more than what we expected. Your staff have been friendly, courteous, and very helpful. We are happy to provide this testimonial when your support staff asked us for it."

Byron Wright, Bellevue Accident Lawyers
Web design services For Service Industry Businesses

"... the best thing about your services is that you can take care of all of Web services needs"

"We received an exceptional service from your staff. Our website and the blog that came with it is easy to use and all the technical stuff was taken care of. So far, we are very happy with the service we received from you and we are grateful for your immediate attention to our questions and modifications. Thank you for your services. "

Muggeina Stalino, Quality Hotels, Inc.
Web design services For Online Businesses

"... exactly what I was looking for, saved time "

Glad that we finally decided to go with Anaxstar for our site design and the extensive features that we felt we needed. All the advice we got from your staff, especially Malcolm and Terrance, was just hugely helpful. In fact, all the service we got from you since this project started was excellent. Your prices are very good too. We had a tight budget at the time. It all worked out perfect. Thank you.

Laura Aimerson, Great Expectations (USA)
Web design services For Lawyers

"... great service, and you clearly understand what we attorneys need"

"Our office manager had tried to get more visibility and attract clients from our Internet presence, with little succes - until we started using Anaxstar services. Many services from other company we used, did not work and wasted our money. I am happy to say that your staff did great job for us and delivered the results we expected and I would have no problem to recommend Anaxstar because your service worked for us. "

Bronowski & Associates, LLB
Web design services For Ecommerce Websites

"... refreshingly honest company with friendly, polite reps"

"We use a few of anaxstar's services, including your e-business tools. In the last 7 years we have received a wonderful service from your company and your staff and provide many testimonials along the way. We have no hesitation in recommending you to our business partners or friends. Great service, thank you."

Kate Levingston, Candles Delight, Inc.
Web design services For High Tech Companies

"... service has been exceptional and always accessible staff is fantastic"

"Happy to provide you with testimonial and happy to be your customer. The quality, treatment, pricing, attention, and service we have received from anaxstar staff has been nothing short of remarkable. Can't imagine that it could be any better than this. Both Ryan and Tasha have been fantastic helping us even during Christmas season when I know you guys are really busy. Thank you."

Bret Reens, Dependable Drives, Inc. (USA)
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Anaxstar Design & Content Marketing & Social Media Services

Design Marketing

Your website says a lot about who you are and what you believe in and what your customers can expect. Your website is your salesperson.

You cannot be successful with your online business without a professional and well organized website.

Tell us what you need to accomplish with your website, we put a plan together that works.

1996 to 2024 - Almost 30 Yrs Website Design & Marketing
Load Time download time is critical for Online shoppers
Navigation with ease is Essential For Business Websites
Clarity Visitors should find what they need quickly
Brand Marketing

In the last few decades, we have helped more than 3,500 clients transform their vision into reality through branding for success.

Let us help you achieve your desired goals through plans based on years of experience and knowledge.

Branding that is creative, inspirational, intelligent and community-centric make people pause, listen and pay attention.

1996 to 2024 - Branding Strategies are about Results
Trust People trust brands that make them feel valued
Engaged People want to feel being connected
Lifestyle things that inspires People with Hope
Content Marketing

We show you how to build an audience that help you promote your products/services and succeed in your business.

Valuable and relevant content attracts and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers

Content marketing is being used by 82% of businesses today. But effective content marketing? Not so much.

2003 to 2024 - Delivering Content Marketing Results
The Word generating powerful word-of-mouth exposure
Valuable Savvy Content Marketer knows what people want
Advertising Should not look like advertising