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Internet Website Marketing ServicesAnaxstar is simply a group of highly talented, experienced and motivated professionals that each have achieved success on their own and delivered results in their area of expertise - and now, we turn our attention to our customers to take on challenges and come up with effective and cost-efficient solutions that help YOU to achieve YOUR business goals.

How do we achieve sales growth and profitability for YOUR business?

Here's how we do it.

Honest And Fair Business Practices

Website that convert visitors to customersAnaxstar Web Services is one of the most popular and most respected companies by entrepreneurs, online startups, marketing consultants and even our competitors. We develop solutions for your online business that provide GENUINE VALUE that can be measured and we deliver our services in an honest and fair way.

Our prices are very affordable considering the value proposition that we offer. Through developing uniquely effective e-business marketing services, Anaxstar offers highly evolved and easy to implement solutions that can make your business succeed sooner rather than later.

1. performance plan

Websites designed for lead generationWe first try to understand your business needs, your past and current promotions and marketing strategies, and your current objectives.

Then we put together a plan of action, objectives, and goals that need to be achieved.

This plan is intended to be clear and concise and has performance measuring tools. For instance, if we need to convert more visitors on your Website to customers, we clearly define the quantity and the scope of the Website conversion. If we need to increase traffic to the site, again, we clearly define the qualitive and quantitive expected results.

Once we have the plan of what needs to be achieved, and determined how based on your budget and timeframe, we get started on the work at hand.


2. Marketing/Promotion

Free Marking Guide For Online Business successOnce the plan is in place and we know what needs to be achieved, we get the most appropriate team to work on your project to deliver results, be it driving more sales from the Website, or increase lead conversions from Website visitors, or designing/redesigning your Website to communicate a call-to-action in order for you to receive more calls from your Website visitors.

Based on your company's specific needs and objectives, we work on your project until we deliver results that we have mutually agreed upon.

Once the desired results have been achieved, we use the performance data to compile a report on the specifics of the campaign/s and the goals achieved and potential future adaptations.

The core principle method of our dealings with our customers is based on complete honesty and openness in every aspect of our communication with customers and the work we do for them.