Artificial Intelligence: AI Marketing Tools

Online marketing campaigns are being increasingly impacted by the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, in particular AI Marketing Tools that facilitate content marketing within the context of social media networks.

AI Marketing Tools are improving performance while reducing expenditure.


Artificial Intelligence: AI Marketing Tools

Major advancement in
Producing more digital assets in less time

The transformative impact of AI tools is poised to revolutionize every facet of marketing, advertising, and campaigning. These tools not only herald a new era in efficiency but also unlock unparalleled opportunities for precision.

By harnessing the power of data-driven analysis, businesses can strategically channel their marketing expenditure towards specific goals, ensuring a laser-focused approach. The potential outcomes are not just hopeful aspirations; they represent tangible results that organizations can confidently anticipate.

The marriage of AI and marketing heralds a dynamic era where strategic insights, tailored campaigns, and measurable success converge to propel businesses into a realm of unparalleled growth and impact.AI marketing tools are forcing a significant transformation in marketing and campaigning.

Clearly we have now come to accept in 2024 that AI marketing tools enable data-driven marketing analysis and offer content-based strategies that result in increased sales, enhanced campaign performance, and lower advertising costs.

Additionally, AI marketing tools help marketers with customer personalization, marketing copy, customer engagement and choosing the best marketing strategies for specific objectives, be it branding or social commerce whereby sales process is streamlined.


AI Marketing Tools


AI tools are predicted to affect all aspects of marketing, advertising and campaigning. In particular, it provides opportunities to focus the marketing expenditure on targeted goals and results that can be expect from data-driven analysis.



Content analysis, suggestion, creation and optimization


AI marketing tools have become much more adept at analysis of data-driven content effectiveness measured against campaign performance, in the last couple of years.

As a result, it now helps with suggesting, creating and optimizing content on behalf of marketing departments and their communications team. From suggesting titles and subjects for blog articles and posts to assisting in optimizing content for SEO to ensure better search ranking in major search engines.

- AI tools used in marketing and advertising have the ability to process vast amounts of data and identify patterns and trends, enabling it to produce content that resonates with specific audience segments

AI marketing tools are significantly impacting content strategy and campaigning, and changing how marketers approach the objectives and daily tasks of campaigning in a digital marketing landscape.


Artificial Intelligence Marketing Tools


Generative AI marketing tools


Generative AI marketing tools have created an environment where the possibilities for creating breathtaking and impactful content in advertising and campaigning, are truly endless.

It also has the ability to learn, solve problems, incorporate data-driven results, and evolve. It has quickly become a powerful tool for businesses to improve results while reducing cost from ineffective campaigns.

- As of Jan 2024, 51% of marketers are already using Generative AI to personalize website experiences for customers, and an additional 27% plan to do so in the next two years.


Generative AI marketing tools and technology helping intelligent content management and business process automation and it is being used to create content with an omnichannel marketing strategy utilizing multiple mediums, and various social networks to execute content driven campaigns.

It is a highly specialized technology-driven applications, and it incorporates content analysis and creations, 3-D modeling of informative content, animation for story-telling, generational advertising campaigns based on results of previous campaigns, and video creation.

For now, generative AI marketing tools are expensive and demand high-end computing and specialized hardware and expensive to train professionals, especially within niche sectors.

However, eventually the cost will come down and more mid-level and small businesses will be able to utilize this impactful technology within their marketing strategy.


Generative AI Marketing Tools


AI tools with predictive analytics and decision support


One of the greatest utilization of AI tools is the adoption for the crucial role in data-driven campaign predictive analytics. The data generated from campaigns provide decision support for future campaigns and help business owners and marketers foresee market trends, consumer behavior and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

This has always been a guessing game and good judgement and experience was relied on to achieve this. Or, larger companies, would incorporate a very expensive software, a CRM as well as a database mining hardware architecture, and spend lots of money with staffing to accomplish this.

Otherwise, it would be outsourced and even more money would be spent for the same purpose.

Now with AI tools, data-driven decisions can be made based on accurate analysis and aid in quickly adjusting strategies in real-time. AI tools can rapidly uncover correlations in complex data from past campaigns and offer strategies that can be adapted in real-time..


AI Marketing Tools for Predictive Insights


What is AI Tools used for in marketing and advertising


1. AI-Generated Advertising Platforms

AI photo and video editor that allows users to create personalization on the go with their creatives that they intend to post on blogs or social media. Most of these platforms (e.g. Picsart) offer a suite of AI powered editing features to quickly remove and swap backgrounds and images, design flyers or social media posts creatives with templates, create photo collages, choose from hundreds of stylized photo filters, and more. Most of thee platforms offer AI assisted editor features with all the tools developers need to give content a personalization and make it stand out. These platforms are launching AI upgrade features that create custom advertisements, by blending image, video, and text content and offering streamlining of marketing campaigns. Additionally, they intend to enhance ROI by automating personalization and targeting while improving ad performance and lowering cost of campaigning.

2. Omnichannel Marketing with AI

The main objective of these platforms are leveraging of AI for cohesive and effective marketing across multiple channels, simultaneously, to reduce cost and management workload while improving performance and consistency. These platforms (e.g. Skai) offer a one-stop channel for customers to offer their end-users and customers a unified experience. The main advantage of these platforms is unification of customer data that was previously captured from different channels. With the AI tools, companies can now consolidate all that data and create a comprehensive customer journey for the entire brand experience.

3. AI in Art Creation

Marketing tools have always been imagined to be helpful with campaign creatives because AI algorithms can be used to generate detailed artwork, simplifying the art-creation process for marketing materials and even initial concepts for new products. This type of visualization helps with prospecting, lead generation, marketing and sales. One of the early platforms that is growing in popularity is DALL-E which can create preliminary art concepts for advertising and marketing campaigns. These platforms can quickly create multiple versions of a concept, and refine it to save time, reduce cost of prototyping and to assess market demand without development cost.

4. Specialized AI Computing Hardware

AI offers fast data mining and analysis of data-specific content archive. This is hardware and software computing resource demanding. Companies like NVIDIA produce hardware with integrated software to allow faster graphics processing. There are now more and more companies that are designing, producing and bringing to market products that facilitate AI data processing at a faster pace with larger capacities. These hardware systems are optimized for AI tasks, indicating a focus on AI-related products and tools. AMD recently introduced the 'MI300x' chip optimized for AI workloads and Gartner also predicts that the semiconductor industry to grow by 16% in 2024.

5. Generative AI in Video Marketing

Generative AI for video marketing is expected to grow to $7 billing alone in 2024 and many companies intend to introduce AI tools that use artificial intelligence algorithm to create detailed custom videos from text prompts, concept description and even from artwork for creative expression and advertising. One company that is trying to take market share in this area is Kapwing which helps its customers generate subtitles for videos, while another, Synthesia, generates videos from text prompts to help with content creation and short-videos for advertising and marketing.

6. AI in Gaming for Marketing and Non-Player Characters (NPC's)

Many 2024 Marketing Trends Report have discussed how companies like Replica Studios are introducing AI-powered Smart Non-Player Characters (or NPCs) for its Unreal Engine. These NPCs now will have life and character within video games, making it more realistic and immersive than ever before. NPCs populate the fictional world of the game, and can fill any role not occupied by a player character. Non-player characters might be allies, bystanders or competitors to the PCs. NPCs can also be traders that trade currency for things such as equipment or gear.

7. AI Usage in Text Content Creation

The first popular AI tool that was publically used, especially by marketing agencies and small business marketers, was text generating AI tools. These AI applications generate content for blogs and marketing emails and are providing continuous growth in feature-set. From the creation and usage of the Large Language Model (LLM) perspective, this is the most common AI tool used today..

ChatGPT was the most well known among these, and despite its issues such as lack of creativity or writing with SEO in mind and a limited understanding of the context of the content, producing marketing creative using AI has been launched in a very serious way and continues to get better, faster, and produce more meaningful context language creation.

8. The Rise of "Machine Customers"

"Machine Customers" refer to automated systems or systems that perform a task, usually an automated complex task. This AI tool can make decisions based on a certain algorithm, instead of your typical "human customers". Business owners have been using self-service tools such as IVR and chatbots for some time now, as a way of not having to talk directly to their customers. A Machine Customer is defined by a machine taking the place of an actual human customer to get something done. For example, AI-enabled digital assistants that complete the tasks a human asks of them.


Most Popular AI Marketing Tools


Use of AI based marketing tools for current year


Use of AI tools, according to Marketing Agency Benchmark Report:

Currently, 78% of Marketers are using AI tools.

13% are planning to start using these tools by end of this year.

91% of marketers will be using AI Tools by end of the year.


AI Marketing Tools 2024


Future trends and predictions


Brand and user to co-develop content in order to achieve immersing customers in the brand's story-telling marketing campaigns, thereby marketers can engage and inspire them, instead of making the experience dull and one-sided.

Interact with personalized digital avatars that can keep track and "understand" the customer's preferences, habits, choices, and create a connection with shoppers.

Augmented Reality (AR) will be used to work with influencers and celebrities to create some incredibly unique campaigns using generative AI with eye-catching content.

AI marketing tools can design unique marketing experiences to create an emotional connection between brand and customers. This is intended to take advertising from boring to exciting and allow the customers to feel that they are "inside the brand".

AI tools offer many ways to solve a campaigning problem while allowing testing of different solutions to find the best way that serves the customer and help them use a brand / product to get excited about purchasing it.


Embracing AI marketing tools in 2024


AI marketing and campaigning tools are extremely effective and powerful for data-driven analysis, content strategy, personalization, real-time performance analysis, content testing and creation, customer interaction and predictive insights to help with decision making in marketing campaign driven environments.

What makes this powerful is its ability to maintain a focus on customer preferences and real-time campaign content creation to address customer behavior and desires. This can result in an exceptional and positive customer experience.

This integration of AI marketing tools into the marketing strategy and decision making will drive campaign performance toward more efficient, responsive and customer-centric approaches, and this is great for both businesses and their customers.


List of AI Marketing Tools

List of AI Marketing Tools


Most often used AI marketing tools in 2024


1. offers an efficient and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for a wide range of users. The tool's ability to generate creative and compelling content quickly is a distinct advantage, saving time and effort for individuals and businesses alike.

However, challenges arise in terms of occasional output inconsistencies and the need for careful review to ensure quality. Additionally, while offers various subscription plans, the associated costs may vary based on usage, potentially influencing the overall affordability for users. Weighing the positive aspects, limitations, and financial implications allows potential users to make informed decisions about integrating into their workflow.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is an advanced content creation AI tool from OpenAI that comprehends and produces human-like conversations. ChatGPT can also complete text, generate responses, and answer questions although some answers are erroneous and obviosuly malfunctioning. Upgrades are on the way.

3. Article Forge

Article Forge is known for its ability to automatically generate content, saving users significant time and effort in content creation. The tool utilizes AI to produce coherent and relevant articles, catering to diverse topics and niches. However, challenges arise in terms of occasional inaccuracies and the need for manual review to ensure high-quality output. Users may encounter limitations in customization and creative input compared to human-generated content. Regarding costs, Article Forge offers subscription plans, and while the pricing varies, and some of these are quite expensive.

4. Jasper

Jasper is constantly expanding and evolving AI marketing tool that is growing in popularity. This platform tends to create engaging copy for various content types like articles, landing pages, review posts, blogs, advertisement scripts, marketing content, and social media posts. The goal with Jasper is to create compelling and personalized content to drive optimal results.

5. BuzzSumo

This platform uses popular trends to produce relevant and popular content, be it articles or posts. It is known to create highly engaging content for businesses to engage with customers. It has many great features, such as monitoring the performance of published content and identify any influencers you may benefit from or help promote and support the content dissemination. BuzzSumo also provides valuable insights on competitors while helping build a solid content strategy.

6. Socialbakers

If you are looking for a web-based media advertising platform to automate and help with content development for campaigning, Socialbakers is one of the better ones. It has quite powerful features for managing and measuring the social media audience, engagement performance, discover influencers and customer personas. It automates the process of creating just the right content for the customers and provides insights that help with figuring out what turns out best for your goals. The AI-controlled frameworks can often produce AI-powered quality control that generates superior content to the ones created by people.


PaveAI is design to allow businesses of all sizes to focus their content marketing and identify correlations in Google Analytics data which would otherwise be quite difficult to analyze. It powerful and produces results based on knowledge across all advertising channels while providing information-driven proposals on precisely how to expand ROI for a particular business.

8. Market Muse

Market Muse is an AI promoting platform for business advertising objectives. It focus on utilizing information while making a substance system and showcasing program assisting with utilizing AI to make a substance methodology for a business.

9. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an AI reasoning program that can increase the presentation of your email strategy, planning, and execution. It utilizes AI to convey your messages and provide analytics.

10. is an AI tool that helps to track down the right word for content streamlining for voice inquiries with distinctive AI models that are mostly utilized for Retail Businesses.

11. Chatfuel

This is another chatbot but focuses mostly on integration with Facebook and Telegram.

12. Grammarly

Grammarly has been around for a while and generates grammatically correct content. It is AI-driven tool and enables people to check plagiarism instances and also shows the content’s readability.

13. Frase

Frase is an AI-driven content optimization platform for businesses to generate SEO-friendly content, although at $15/mo for optimizing 4 articles, it does seem a bit expensive. It provides actionable insights and recommendations for improving website content, thus contributing to a positive user experience while helping improve SEO ranking.

14. DALL-E

The latest version of DALL-E has billions of parameters that has empowered the tool to produce images from text descriptions. It is quite powerful and impressive.

15. Midjourney

Another tool that creates images from textual descriptions and present various options based on its feature-set.

16. Acrolinx

Acrolinx platform facilitates a more enhanced communication quality, consistency, and effectiveness with feedback and guidance on various aspects like terminology, grammar, style, and several language-related concerns.

17. Canva

Canva used by millions of people, it has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and AI-driven design based e intelligent tool that enables users to create professional-grade graphics and videos in a matter of minutes. Thus, you can create banners, infographics, and social media posts through Canva. It has templates for just about everything, including business cards, brochures, t-shirts, logos, Zoom virtual backgrounds, Instagram stories, and so much more.

18. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is an AI-powered optimization tool that can analyzes content and compares it to potential competitors, therefore providing strategic and valuable insights and recommendations that help improve the business content. The tool is designed to be very helpful for increasing website traffic and enhancing the content’s relevance. It is however very overpriced.

19. Smartsupp

Smartapp produces smart conversations responding to real-time client inquiries and questions. It is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows augmented interaction to create customer satisfaction and save many person-hours otherwise spent on performing repetitive tasks.

20. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is a social media scheduling tool that allows managing time, schedule and recycle social media content, and provides insight.


Produces a highly professional presentationand formats slides and layouts and allows personalization..

22. Phrasee

This generates captivating email subject lines and content and additionally it can generate powerful and impactful subject lines and email content that drives engagement and potential conversions.

23. Hootsuite

This is an AI-powered tool that facilitates scheduling posts, monitor mentions, and engage with your target audience across various social media platforms via a single dashboard.

24. Sprout Social

A very useful tool for social media campaign planning and management. This AI-powered tool delivers valuable insights into a business’s social media performance and track brand reputation and engagement.

25. Crayon

Competitor tracking of activities and helps continuously monitor and gather information about competitor activities by accessing various data sources. Very expensive, however.

26. LeadiQ

Platform that utilizes AI for sales intelligence for enabling businesses to find, qualify and engage with their ideal prospects. This AI-driven tool can help determine which companies and individuals could be interested in a product/service offering. It can help personalize targeting, and sales campaign and drive better results in terms of sales numbers.

27. Manychat

Manychat is yet another chatbot and automation platform that enables businesses to create, design and deploy chatbots for various platforms like websites, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.

AI Marketing Tools

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AI Marketing Tools

AI Marketing tools are becoming increasingly proficient at generating high-quality, engaging content on behalf of businesses. This includes customer behavior analysis, past content/campaign performance analysis, data-driven objectivity, crafting compelling content for websites, landing pages, posts in social media, creating personalized email campaigns. Additionally, it can also create accompanying graphics, images, and even short-form informational or promotional videos.

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