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Social Media Management Services, Digital Marketing, Website Design / Re-Design has been providing web design and
marketing services for our clients since 1996.

Digital marketing has been going through evolutionary changes that affect Website design effectiveness, content marketing for engagement with visitors, and social media campaigning which is booming in 2023, and currently the most effective and affordable marketing method, such as social media managment services.

     Social Media is now the biggest driver of marketing transformation for businesses.     

There are now many new marketing tools and methods, often launched rapidly and periodically. It's creating complexity and even confusion.

Anaxstar can help. We can help you navigate through these complicated tools, techniques, and new methods and help you launch best strategies and approaches to produce new opportunities and new markets for your products and services. We also provide social media management services to take this off your to-do list so you can have more time to focus on running your bussiness..

Feel free to contact us to speak with one of our highly experienced professionals to discuss your project.

Great for marketing B2B, business support or career-based products & services


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Great for marketing B2C consumer-centric products & services to mostly mobile users


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Great for marketing B2C consumer-centric products & services offered by professionals


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Great for marketing B2C branding of more expensive consumer products & services


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Why Choose Web Services?

Delivering results since 1996

Anaxstar has been delivery results for our customers for more than 20 years. We guarantee results or we won't take on the work.

You Get a Dedicated Support staff

Unlike almost all other Internet companies, we provide you direct access to your own dedicated technical account support by phone & email.

Comprehensive range of services

Our services cover just about everything you are going to need for your business and Internet marketing, all under one roof.

You get access to extensive experience

All account managers at Anaxstar have extensive knowledge & experience in Internet marketing, lead generation and business strategy.

Honest and fair business practices

You get genuine VALUE from our services that can be measured, and we deliver our services in an honest, affordable, and fair way.

You will Find our prices REmarkable

Our prices are very affordable considering the value proposition that we offer, and the results-based solutions that we provide.

Speak with one of our Social Media Experts

our Social Media Experts can Manage Your campaigns

Hire one of our experienced social media professionals to manage your daily posts and interactions

We'll build and manage your dynamic, lead generating, social media presence

"... Anaxstar's services have been a bargain and helped us at a very critical time "

"Anaxstar's staff helped us with everything, including website design, back-end integration, marketing, online promotions, domain name and hosting. Thank you." Wade Andrews, MarCom Director, QuickConnect Software (USA)

"... for us, Anaxstar was perfect, they delivered the results that we needed "

"Technical development, marketing systems, newsletters, social media management services, video and streaming services, was among the excellent services that Anaxstar delivered." Emily Cummings, Head of Marketing, MyCareerMatch (USA)

"... best technical & marketing services we have ever received."

"We were looking for a company that can deliver an affordable online marketing package for our business. Anaxstar staff are incredible, skilled, and delivered the results we hoped for." Eric Iyikan, Director, Greenlofts Corporation (USA)


"... Anaxstar actually cared to save me money with my online marketing. "

" I use to spend about $30K/yr for online marketing. I turned to Anaxstar to find a more effective marketing solution. They delivered beyond my wildest expectations." Monie Lopez, Business Owner, Bellevue Dance Academy (USA).

"... Anaxstar delivered real results and not empty promises "

"I was fortunate enough to come across Anaxstar after experiencing other companies that promised everything and delivered little. Unlike others, Anaxstar is a gem among thorns." C. Whinner, Real Estate Professional, Seattle, WA (USA).

"... Anaxstar provided us with excellent web design and maketing services."

"Anaxstar's staff have been courteous and very helpful to get our website and social media management services completed quickly and for a fraction of what we spent before." Harry Augis, VP Business Development, Modular Building Construction (USA)

2022 Marketing Trends (see the FULL report below)

Market changes are forcing many companies to pivot and reinvent their business operations, marketing, and product strategies.

Small businesses are leveraging content marketing through digital media channels such as the social networks and 3rd-party blogs/portals or in-house blogs, to replace in-person interactions, therefore automating the prospecting stage to reach more potential customers, in order to generate more leads.

To succeed, retain/grow market share, and ultimately thrive, businesses will need to find and reach their customers with targeted, timely messaging, (wherever they can be found online), and address their specific needs.

Who will be the new winners?

See ... 2022 Business Marketing Trends Predictions : Social Media Digital Marketing Explosion

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Twiter + 3 others, Daily

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We can provide Social Media Management Services for

7 Social Networks Weekly

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